From Seikon no Qwaser volume 17

From Seikon no Qwaser chapter 46 (now translated).

Edit: added an extra Katja x Mafuyu page from chapter 47

Source: Seikon no Qwaser manga

Sorry for the Katja spam; I just really like her, is all.

Source is chapter 26 of the Qwaser manga.

Updated this popular Katja x Mafuyu image set with two more images.

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Yuri scene from Seikon no Qwaser season 2 episode 4. Warning: contains watersports (as in, peeing).

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Direct downloads:!cQxHSQJB!Z4A_qAwx6AGhBeTQUi82hESndURb_YfUgXJh_jmZXJ4

Made some gifs from Seikon no Qwaser season 1 episode 10.5.

I was bored so I put up a sexual orientation poll on the front page

Also: reuploaded the part from Qwaser season 2 episode 3 where Hana molests Tsubasa.

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Haven’t posted Qwaser stuff in a while so here’s some.